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Detroit Training Center Inc College For Creative Studies Wayne County Community College District Wayne County Community College District Wayne State University University of Michigan-Dearborn

1. Grand Circus Detroit - Detroit

路 37 reviews

1570 Woodward Ave floor 3, Detroit, MI 48226

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2. Detroit Training Center Inc - Detroit



路 60 reviews

5151 Loraine St, Detroit, MI 48208

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Detroit Training Center Inc: what do users think?
robert streeter: I have had a view of some class room,s I have not had a chance to start any classes I'm still trying to start classes wanting to regain my CDL for a new job.
ASHA RAIN: Horrible CDL A program,The structure is non existent and the trucks are always broken,The supervisor Jeaneen is a very self centered,disrespectful woman,Save your money and go elsewhere
Anthony Hodges: Awesome instructors very good CDL a program welding and workshops
Jeff Holmes: Went here on 7/9/2022 for the morning and afternoon residential electrical class , and was hoping to learn how to wire new outlets into a home . The teacher arrived and didn't know it was two sessions, the first session he taught all about safety, at 12:40 pm the teacher brings the models in for us to work on....keep in mind the next session wasn't suppose to start till 1:30pm! Some of these models were already hookedup with outlets from a previous class, but I was lucky enough to get a blank one. For the next 10 minutes the teacher is having conversation with certain students and the rest of us were waiting for him to teach us how to hook the models up. He then comes to my desk (saw the blank model) and says '"This guy must need some help, let's help him" he then proceeds to start putting a wire in and drifts off into another side conversation. He comes back to me and asked a student behind me to come help me because his model was set up! The student gets to my desk and the teacher asked to use his model since it was hooked up....the student tells the teacher that he doesn't know what he's doing either, his model was already hooked up when he received it (SMH) ! At this point I realized the teacher was actually expecting us to teach ourself , or he forget he didn't teach us this part yet! So I just got up and left, I was irritated that I wasted my time! The staff was very nice though, but this class was a horrible experience..I wasnt the only one who left either.......Updated to 4 stars because although I had a bad experience during my first visit , The owners did reach out to me to correct the situation. I will take another class and hopefully all goes well!
Shanina Hill: This place is a good start for those who want to drive trucks. They have a instructor name Brittany D. And she is very patient, understanding and kind. You have some people who just show up for a check and then you have those teachers who care enough to break it down and encourage you. She is amazing. My cousin was part of the program and he passed thanks to Brittany. I think it鈥檚 crazy that they have to be out in all type of weather and management doesn鈥檛 take that inconsideration.
Marisha Corinne Morris: My personal note, shared below:Good morning Detroit Training,I am reaching out to share my appreciation for Mr. Henry and his teaching style paired with experience and anecdotes/stories.This bundle allowed for the learning material to be elevated and provided context for information I had no knowledge /experience with or provided a deeper level of understanding.You have an amazing professor in Mr. Henry, who is also quite patient with students and their level of learning or lack of understanding/application.I鈥檝e shared this with Mr. Henry already but felt it was important that you are also made aware.Thank you again. I鈥檒l be taking my exam with you in the next week, and will keep you all updated on my resi builder progress. Thank you again for the platform you鈥檝e provided.
All About Baby: This is a great school
Walter Wadlington: First class training, for good jobs.
Sam Pee: Its a great experience thank you
Jake Pieske: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueHe's giving back to the city great work
aurburn lee: Educational
Joyce S: The training went well. The instructors where Awesome and patient with us.
Elizabeth Rogers: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Eve Taylor: I truly enjoyed myself. The instructors were very knowledgeable, very patient, and was helpful to everyone in the class. The only problem that I had about this entire visit was the pathway to the door. The entrance is in the back of the building. In order to get there you have to walk through a long alley and around to the back. The alley is between an abandoned building and the school.There are no cameras along the side of the building and once you get into the back it's just one open space kinda looks like a construction site. No one will hear you if you a scream for help. and I don't recall if there is a gate or not but it is very unsafe to walk this entrance. So on safety reasons alone 3 stars. But the actual class was amazing and I would rate them a 5+. I did email them about this safety problem. Hopefully they do something, especially when the majority of the people I saw in the class were ladies.
Toni Johnson: I learned more on youtube. I signed up for the masonry's class building a block porch, well, I actually signed up for all 6 of the classes. . The instructor is very nice and knowledgeable but I'm a hands on kind of person and this was not that. Next Saturday 4.17.2021, will be next class which is hanging drywall and taping, let's see how it goes. Just keeping it real!
Travis Clinton: I went here in 2019 for heavy equipment operator certs and let me tell you its the best school around. Hands on training the 1st week. And the staff is friendly.
Jhonald Guti: Good training and excellent peolpe
Spike2222: Good program
Steve Sanders: Great school, great instructors, & training programs
Daniel William-Calix: Really good Classes, they work hard to get a class that best fits your schedule, they're really understanding and are the best of the best in flexibility. And now because of them iam working in Detroit Salt Mines. Truly an amazing school.
Hope Burgess: My experience at Detroit training was informative. I learned a lot. My teacher was Toni Jennings and she was great. She took her time and making sure our class understands what she was teaching. I will suggest her class if you looking to go into real estate.

3. Detroit Early Learning Center - Detroit

路 1 reviews

4555 John C Lodge Fwy, Detroit, MI 48201

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4. College For Creative Studies - Detroit

路 47 reviews

201 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI 48202

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5. Wayne County Community College District - Detroit

路 403 reviews

801 W Fort St, Detroit, MI 48226

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6. Creative Academics Learning Center - Detroit

路 7 reviews

13144 W Seven Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235

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Creative Academics Learning Center: what do users think?
Dajour spence: My kids have been going here for almost two months maybe three now and I love the staff they so nice and caring with the kids it鈥檚 clean they have many classes rooms for all ages they Are a really cool daycare and I love the hours it鈥檚 good for a working mom and moms in school
Chiquita Byrd: Horrible horrible horrible
anne jackson: I tried to call during the day time and no one answered the they not have a receptionist?
Jay Beezy: You gotta be kidding me. I dropped my baby off and they immediately put her in the crib. My baby started crying. This damn care giver just let her cry. Then I told her to take her out the crib and the care giver said she cries too much. It鈥檚 like the people there are lazy. Don鈥檛 care. And hire the wrong people. I had to take my baby out of there before I catch a case.
Deborah Madison: Beautiful learning center qualified team

7. Wayne County Community College District - Detroit

路 31 reviews

801 W Fort St, Detroit, MI 48226

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8. Detroit Service Learning Academy - Detroit

路 61 reviews

21605 W Seven Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48219

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9. Wayne State University - Detroit

路 446 reviews

42 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

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10. Wayne County Community College District - Detroit

路 11 reviews

801 W Fort St, Detroit, MI 48226

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11. University of Michigan-Dearborn - Dearborn Heights

路 101 reviews

4901 Evergreen Rd, Dearborn, MI 48128

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