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1. PeopleReady - Detroit

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Address: 1553 E Lafayette St, Detroit, MI 48207

Schedule: Opens at 5:30 AM

Telephone: (313) 446-9675

Business type: Temp agency

PeopleReady: what do users think?
Shawn Jones: It’s convenient getting paid every day and sometimes people need it, but it seems like they pay you when they feel like it. I’m just being honest 🤷🏽‍♂️. They need to be held accountable for holding up people money
Vincent Partridge: Great place for jobs
Jesse Travis: Excellent
Doc Dre: Branch #1679 never pick up the phone and when they did months back they could've helped me but didn't with my job stacks. Had to call Winminister, CO for help while I'm in Detroit, MI thank you staff at Winminister, CO cause the staffing team A double S here in Detroit MI
Corey Morris: Slum lords of the work community
Big Cash: I love it now that they got rid 📢of Cynthia porterfield 💪💯😂
Rolena Collins: Critical:Professionalism,Quality
Alicia Williams: Positive:Professionalism
Terrance Washington: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness
Adrian Jones: The supervisor is soooooooo disrespectful.
Manda Szewko: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessDo you get paid the same day you work? Or is it weekly? Do they hold back a week?
Ericka: horrible service.
Deonte Ritchie: Critical:Professionalism
Dremobb Dremobb: They never pick phone up in in it said 5am till 6pm never open
Rob Sportsman Lee: Very helpful, in helping one find work at a livable wage.
2'Ron a: She is rude and falsely claimed things that's not true because I didn't accept the job a year ago she terminated me for no reason this is not how you act when it comes to people trying to work this is a horrible branch
Tonika Williams: Loved it my son found a job
Ron Burger: All the south eastern Michigan branches I have delt with are very unprofessional. They DO NOT pay out when they say they will. When you try and call the branch to inquire about the pay, they DO NOT answer the phone or return your voice mail messages. This exact situation has happened more times then I can count.I have also experienced the "pay rate switch". I have accepted a job under the impression I would be making $X amount an hour. Only to receive a message half way through the shift stating that they "made a mistake" and the job will be paying $2 less an hour.Another problem with the branch offices are, dont ask questions regarding the job you are interested in accepting. The branch workers act like your wasting there time when you ask questions. They will threaten to remove you from the work ticket if you ask questions.This is a work at your own risk temp agency. When you do work for People Ready, you WILL have to fight to get payed and you WILL be dealing with rude unprofessional branch workers.When I do accept a job from People Ready, I show up on time, I have the proper work materials needed, I show up prepared to work, I stay untill the job is finished and I shut my mouth and do the work needed. Basically, I hold up my end of the deal, I just wish People Ready would do the same.
Michael Myke: Do not accept jobs from this place. Today for the second time I was dispatched to J.B. Hunt Freight in Ferndale and for the second time the job was cancelled and they failed for the second time to notify me in time and refuse to pay my 2 hour show up time for the second time. I will never accept another job from this place. A business that refuses to honor it's own policy is not a business you can trust!
Dexter Johnson: Positive:Value
Jeff M: Late! Slow! One star is generous.Going to cost my company a lot of money because they sent 1 guy for a 3 man job.Did nothing to try and fix it.

2. Molly Maid of Western Wayne and Mid Oakland Counties - Livonia

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Molly Maid of Western Wayne and Mid Oakland Counties
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Address: 36977 Amrhein Rd, Livonia, MI 48150

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (734) 389-8752

Business type: House cleaning service

Molly Maid of Western Wayne and Mid Oakland Counties: what do users think?
Tracey Johnson: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessAshley the veteran cleaner was awesome!! She really helped me out. She was fast and did an amazing job.Service:Moving-related cleaning
Beth Healy: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueSuper impressed with the amazing job that was done. Very fair pricing as well.Service:General housekeeping
AJ: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessTrina and Nikki is really nice, and they work hard.Service:General housekeeping
Carmen Weimer: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThis was our first cleaning. Heather and Courtenay did a fantastic job!!! Our home never looked better. THANK YOU!Service:Standard cleaning
chris kennedy: Molly Maid responded quickly to my request and was able to accomplish a last minute cleaning for me. They did a fantastic job.Service:Deep clean
Lakisha Buggs: Molly Maids is a scam. The did not dust, mop, clean windows not did the sweep from under the beds. They did not clean the appliances . Only thing they did was vacuum and wipe counters down and was in my home for 3 hours . They cleaned 1 bathroom out of the 3. They are lazy and I will never use them again. If I could use zero rating I would. I was told I needed no cleaning supplies however they claim they needed bleach once they arrived .
Diana Tobin: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTiffany and Sara were wonderful, efficient and amazing! They cleaned everything top to bottom and gave great recommendations for cleaning products for tough stains. I will definitely be using Molly maid again but only if Tiffany and Sara are available. They both deserve raises and all the PTO they could ask for!!!Services:General housekeeping,Standard cleaning,Deep clean,Upholstery cleaning
Sandra Adcock: Service:General housekeepingPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Value
Tingting Yan: Services:Office workplace cleaning,General housekeeping,Upholstery cleaningPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness
M A: Positive:ProfessionalismThe service great and the ladies they was very nice and the place looks very clean good job Molly Maid's.Services:Standard cleaning,Moving-related cleaning
L EAEF: "Oh my goodness, my stove hasn't been this clean since I bought it!" Cortney, Ariana, and Madison were fabulous today! I needed the whole house "emergency" cleaned because I have out-of-town guests coming and I just ran out of time (and energy). Nightmare solved! They were on time, efficient, friendly, professional, and did a thorough and wonderful job. And a more-than-reasonable price just made it that much nicer. Thanks Molly Maids!Services:General housekeeping,Standard cleaning
Gr ay: Service:Standard cleaningPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Paul De Florio: They do good work. Results are very good in providing a dust free and clean bathroom environment.Service:Standard cleaning
Tamika Jackson: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueMolly Maid clean my elderly mother's home once a month. You guys do a great job. My mother is always pleased with the service each month. She says, the you g ladies are always pleasant . I would def recommend.Service:Standard cleaning
Marge Mancuso: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueFaith and Jack did an amazing job. It is the first time I have ever used a cleaning service for our rental property. The house needed to be in move in condition. Everything on the "move-in, move-out" check list was complete. Not only is the house clean, it shines. I will be using Molly Maids again and requesting Faith and Jack.Service:Moving-related cleaning
SJ Alexander: They came & didn’t know it was a “deep, moving cleaning”. They didn’t know I wanted the basement cleaned up. I called the main office and she got things straightened out. They cleaned pretty well. I’m not sure they cleaned the kitchen cupboard doors. They were done, but not completely. They did a great job on the top of the stove, but probably only wiped the stove front & where the knobs are. The bathroom floor didn’t appear to have been cleaned, and the sink, behind the on/off fixtures, were still dirty. When I mentioned the bathroom, she went up and took care of both the floor & sink. I think, that they could have used a third person with them. It would have worked out better for the outcome of the job, for me to have it ready to sell. It was a big job for 2. It was supposed to be 3 hours, but ended up being 5 hours. Three hours would probably have worked nicely for 3 people. I don’t think I would be bothered paying $600.00. Anyway, the house looks much better than it did That’s all I care about. Thank you. And yes, I would recommend Molly Maids….as long as the house isn’t as dirty as mine was! Also, I had never used this kind of service. It never occurred to me to tip the two very nice ladies! I plan on contacting Molly Maids and get something to them.Service:Moving-related cleaning
Lakeisha Alford: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueFaith and Jack were amazing and Dawn came by to help out as well. They were very thorough and made the house look amazing! I highly recommend their services.Service:General housekeeping
Marilyn Cyrbok: Positive:Professionalism,QualityI had a one-time-cleaning. Very pleased with the service. Tiffany and Ciara did a great job.
Thomas Jenkins: We've been customers of Molly Maid for over ten years, a period longer than a good many marriages. We've generally been satisfied customers. Debra and Tina are not just good, they are excellent. They are the best we've ever had, bar none.This is an update to my review of three years ago.. Nothing has changed. In spite of the pandemic they have continued providing the same quality services albeit with a bit more caution. My current team led by Trina has continued providing me with the same quality of service that IO've come to expect.Service:Standard cleaning
Jeffrey Devries: Services:Deep clean,Standard cleaning,General housekeepingPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality
Brandy Bielski: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueWe had Tiffany J and Cirara P come out to do a clean on my grandma's home and they did a wonderful job! Everything was fresh upon my arrival and they were extremely friendly and professional.Services:Deep clean,Standard cleaning

3. MOLLY MAID of Birmingham and Southeast Oakland County - Beverly Hills

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199 reviews
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MOLLY MAID of Birmingham and Southeast Oakland County
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Address: 31119 Greenfield Rd, Beverly Hills, MI 48025

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (248) 365-7573

Business type: House cleaning service

MOLLY MAID of Birmingham and Southeast Oakland County: what do users think?
Lisa Haines: They promise a great cleaning service which is not delivered. They charge double for the first cleaning and it was awful. They missed an entire level of my house. They promise they dust from the ceiling to the baseboards and it wasn't done. I called and they sent someone out who told me I would get a refund. The second cleaning wasn't great either. Be careful what you say as they have a recorded line that will be use against you. I explained how horrible the service was and she basically said since I was frustrated and said fine to get off the phone which was used against me. To make it even better, the booked it for my friend's home who they also did a horrible job, he got his cleaning for free . Stay away from this company. Their cleaners are trained and horrible. I'd upload the pictures but I've wasted over 3 hours getting some type of financial relief and Alexa, Director of Operations stands on her position.Service:General housekeeping
Mary Harrison: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTy friendly helpers!Service:General housekeeping
Alessandro Libriani: I ordered the one time service and the two young ladies did a fantastic job. I will certainly be using their servic again for an annual cleaning, and if I'm ever in a pinch and have a gathering at my home.
Kerry Gatti: Positive:Quality,Responsiveness,ValueMy first time with Molly Maids last week and they did a very professional job. I was very happy that I decided to hire this company.Service:General housekeeping
Office Manager: Positive:ProfessionalismExcellent customer service and very professional!Service:General housekeeping
Michelle Simpson: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI just love Molly Maid! I’ve used the service for 2 years and still have the same team leader! They are dependable. Not once have they cancelled on me and communication is great! I’m very happy with the quality and would recommend them to anyoneService:General housekeeping
daniel menkes: Outstanding cleaning. The house was spotless.Services:Standard cleaning,General housekeeping
aw48326: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTeam Melissa & Bonnie are the absolute best! Excellent service, very professional, kind, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Ladies. See you next time.Services:Standard cleaning,General housekeeping
Jeri Toner: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThis is the first time that I've used Molly Maid. Kelia and Mari were on-time, professional, thorough, and very friendly! I will definitely use this companies services again!Service:General housekeeping
Leah Reinert: It's not actually my house I'm commenting on but my employers. I am a nanny and my employers have been using Molly Maid for the last several months. The service you get really depends on the team that comes. If I were rating only today's job I would give 5 stars. Andrea and Bridget are the BEST! Some of the others are okay and others skim over thigs, like I've seen in previous posts. Andrea and Bridget are hard workers. And friendly. I would like it if they were the team that came to my employers for every cleaning!Services:Standard cleaning,General housekeeping
katy w: I am so extremely disappointed with the service I received from Molly Maids. My husband and I hired Molly Maids for a 3 1/2 clean as we moved into a rental home while ours is being renovated. The house was completely empty, so there was no limited access to areas of the house when Molly Maids arrived.Their initial window of arrival was 10:30am-11:30am. They showed up at 12:50pm. Granted, I was called at 11:20am to be informed they were running behind and would now be arriving between 11:30-12:30pm. I had to take the remainder of the day off of work which seems like my time wasn’t being respected. That was my first red flag.Once they did arrive, I provided them with my own cleaners and offered them use of any of my brushes/scrubbers they would like to use as their cleaning supplies were water based and they didn’t appear to have much with them.After 3 1/2 hours and $420, they told me they were unable to get certain marks/stains off shelves and countertops as well as grime off the floors and sinks. I took a walk around the house and saw there was still dirt on the ground and dust in the corners of rooms. They barely cleaned the main parts of the bathrooms like I had asked them to prioritize and the kitchen seemed untouched (other than the appliances I cleaned myself).I gave them cash for the remainder amount owed. My credit card was still charged the next day the same amount of cash I had given them. It is now 6 days later and I have finally been refunded that amount on my credit card.I called around the same day the Molly Maids left and had a team of 2 come out several days later to finish the remainder of the job. This new team of 2 completed EVERYTHING Molly Maids said they couldn’t clean - and they did it in under 45 minutes.When I called Molly Maids to discuss what happened, I was immediately told that I had to report this within 24 hours if I wanted Molly Maids to come back out to complete the clean - which blows my mind, because they insisted to me that they did not have the capability to clean the things they left dirty/unclean.I feel like I wasted an entire morning/afternoon as well as my money hiring Molly Maids.Services:General housekeeping,Standard cleaning,Moving-related cleaning
Daniel Zamler: Prompt and thorough
Victoria Rodrigues: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessThe team is so hard working!Services:General housekeeping,Standard cleaning
Crystal Finch: Very dissatisfied in the service they are usually really good the only thing they did was mess with a bunch of windows not closing the windows letting the air out I guess Molly Maid don’t sweep or mop any more because none of that was done plus they left their towels on my bathroom floor and bucket plus my mom said they were upstairs a long time what did they do I came home from work very mad and highly disappointed and they told her the house is too big they could not finish fine but my thing is at least they could have cleaned the main floor. Pictures will show nothing sweep, mop a container I know for a fact that was in a room is now on my hall floor as well as showing them leaving their things disappointed paid over $300 for a hot message to update I will keep posting on every site until we are refunded or they come back and do this job right while I was on my bed they also put their dirty cleaning towels on my bed where I sleep I’m so mad, disappointed and hurt because they were like missed in with my blankets and I just hurried up and threw it to the ground that was disgusting and I know it was theirs cause it’s the type they use and it was still wet and to let everyone know this was suppose to be their deep cleaningService:Deep clean
Kelsie Sue Effrein: Service:Moving-related cleaningPositive:Punctuality,Quality,Value
Elita Holloway: I have never been more disappointed in a service in my life. Recently, I have had several deaths in my family. Naturally, housework and cleaning were the last things on my mind. At the recommendation of several family members, I opted for a cleaning service that offered a deep clean in order to get back to some sense of normalcy. It is very clear that my definition of deep clean and this company's definition is extremely different. The cleaners moved nothing out the way to clean. They wiped around things, and mopped over small pieces of trash on the floor. Where the website says they clean the hood of the stove, they do not. My shower and bathtub was not cleaned thoroughly. I would never recommend this company to anyone who is expecting an actual deep cleaning. This is not the service that Taneika and Sierra provided. Do not use this company.Service:Deep clean
Shayla Reyes: The two maids that came to my home immediately said that they do not pick up toys or personal items off the floor. They said they will vacuum and wipe the window sills etc. Isn’t picking up things cleaning?? I didn’t need them to clean the window sills. If you look closely at the videos on their website, most of the homes are already clean. In fact, they’re spotless. If they don’t actually clean then I would take your business elsewhere. I’ve never had a cleaning service that refused to pick up items off the floor.
Robert Metzger: Service:Standard cleaningPositive:Value
Tiffani Roumaya: Service:Deep cleanPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Andrea Hartman: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,ResponsivenessThe team arrived promptly, were professional & easy to work with and did an excellent job. We were very pleased.Services:Standard cleaning,Deep clean

4. American Red Cross - Detroit

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American Red Cross
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Address: 7800 Outer Dr W Ste 205, Detroit, MI 48235

Telephone: (313) 833-4440

Business type: Non-profit organization

American Red Cross: what do users think?
King Shrimp: I had a fire Jan 20 I called for help on the 22nd and 24th I was told both times someone will reach out to me they never did when I called back I was told I was pass my window time they have my calls in system so they kno I called how is my fault they never reached out… they voice service say they don’t turn nobody down but I basically got turned down and was referred to unitedway if the see I called why caint they find out why I was never contacted or even have a case number terrible service I was let down
Nora: I use to volunteer and some employees were not nice, Some employees show their fake face to you. Also, every time i try to donate blood, they were bad at putting the needle in my arm. I gave 2 stars because there were few employees were nice.
David Marx: Had a noon appointment to give blood today, waited 35 mins. and no one was registering people. Sat there with one person in front of me and then 5 behind me and they started telling people it was a 1.5 hour wait. I left immediately, I've never experienced this before, If they're having trouble finding people to work there maybe the CEO could " Volunteer " a million or two pay cut to help out.
Patrick Wideman: The worse experience ever the crew at the Troy community center are horrible. They were 30 mines late never donate again horrible
Youdontneed Toknow: Great people
Shaylynn1 Artist: They go above and beyond to help, I had a fire and they were Johnny on the spot, bringing useful things to help me get back together.
Loren Fuhs: At a different location, my husband and I went to give blood and he was turned away because they were afraid he had malaria. He's from North Africa. Even though we've traveled out of the country together I was still able to give because I was a 'citizen'. My husband gave blood just 5 months ago and has been in this country for 7+ years and still they denied him. Beyond disappointed. Discrimination at its finest.
teacher michelle: Excellent training Dr. Ruth
Rhonda Thoman: They are always professional. I can no longer donate.
Fazia Yahia: Just give blood to save lives, peoples are still in need. Help today to be helped tomorrow.
Jeff M: Unfortunately this division cancelled a blood drive at Huron Valley Guns, due to location at a gun store. Plenty of lives to save but not enough when it comes to the public location I guess....What more do you want for a safe place and lots of people willing to save lives.Disappointed American Red Cross...
DJ Hartford: This company came to Dearborn Heights to help flood victims. The city went door to door for us to sign up, telling us we could go to the rec center for food, water, cleaning supplies, sleep accommodations, etc. I arrived and was shocked by the systems they had in place... Interrogate each homeowner one at a time before even offering a box of supplies (an absurd waste of everyone’s time and resources, including their own). The news channels were there filming, likely clogging the tubes because the Red Cross needs their good press. I was about 25th in line around 11am. By 3pm, I told the receptionist I had to be somewhere. She reassured that I would be called when my number was up... I was never called. I am assuming they helped less than 30 homeowners since they never made it around to me. If you can’t help, don’t make that claim. This was all for good press, but what I saw were many disgruntled citizens sitting in a waiting lobby while they could have been tending to their damage (bulk pickup was to be the following day). I asked where I can sign up to volunteer help, and was told they do not accept help (they just don’t want to be exposed or lose their spotlight). I always thought this was a company with high standards. I write efficient systems and processes for a living, and what I saw certainly made me cringe 1000 times over. Red Cross is big business and we are just statistics to them. This day and age... what do we do? Do some research like I did and see how much contribution goes into actual cause. NPR covered a story describing the lack of help in the previous 2 hurricanes, where they said, “The charity's own documents suggest it put the appearance of serving victims ahead of actually helping them.” This I have witnessed and will attest to. They also have documented record of spreading untruths about the percentage of your contributions which go to the actual cause. DO NOT GIVE TO THIS COMPANY... Give people their money back. Give directly or help by getting your hands dirty.

5. Molly Maid of Troy - Rochester Hills

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Molly Maid of Troy
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Address: 3345 W Auburn Rd Suite 101, Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (248) 365-7934

Business type: House cleaning service

6. Habitat for Humanity Detroit - Detroit

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40 reviews
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Habitat for Humanity Detroit
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Address: 14325 Jane Ave, Detroit, MI 48205

Telephone: (313) 521-6691

Business type: Non-profit organization

7. NACA - Detroit

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Address: 20011 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48219

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (425) 602-6222

Business type: Non-profit organization

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