Best Drip Pans Detroit Near Me

1. Walmart Supercenter - Dearborn

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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 5851 Mercury Dr, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States

Telephone: +1 313-441-0194

Business type: Grocery store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Robin Tuner: Went today Friday June 2nd myself and a friend l had to go get a shopping cart for us in parking lot ridiculous and store is just sjys just so nasty filthy outside and in some areas just nasty shopping cart in the parking lot nobody went to get none at all seniors have problems sometimes getting around plus they have to go get a shopping cart too what is the manager doing 🤷this shouldn't be going on at all some other Walmart are cleaner nicer what is going here why is this store so nasty and shopping carts everywhere except we're they are suppose to be and some people with kids need to stop letting there children steal not good at all thoses adults that are messing around in the children department look stop stealing why don't you work for Walmart get a job Walmart can higher you to go get those shopping cart outside clean up this place please clean it up
Gust Nystrom (MF CUJO): Some items are not available and some items are over priced.
Paul Calin: I only go here if I REALLY need to. This place is dirty and unorganized. Its a dumpster fire.
chayo duran: Algo desordenado en los anaqueles y creo debería haber más de una cajera atendiendo
Ricky Santana: Pretty good stuff can be pretty expensive though
Saad Alfahad: Shut this place down already worst shopping place to go to. never again. Worst customer service ever ...
Jake Hildebrandt: Long lines because of employees standing and chatting while they were supposed to be working at the checkout. The girls working at the till treated us rudely and just kept having personal conversations while customers were waiting.
Gerardo Martinez Lopez: Encuentras de todo hay buenas ofertas buen servicio super concurrido
P “doj4you5820” C: When I was shopping I asked sale associate about specific item and was directed to section G6. I couldn’t find it and asked another associate where is section is but that one did not know section’s location. This is how terrible training this company provides.Yet another experience when I stopped at the restroom. Toilet seat was loose, latch on the toilet stall door was missing, sinks are dirty (at 6:30 am), paper towel of different type for the dispenser. Looks like the management does not do their work properly.
Ace Shaq: Long lines no worker's so pay more so u can keep people
Siran Mouhanna: Customer service is so bad its offensive the deals r great but not worth the stress of stepping foot in that place
Jakiya Tyson: Got accused of stealing they were very rude and disrespectful. Man in the front was very disrespectful
Candi Cain: Whoever the delivery shopper was today threw any old garbage food in the cart claiming it was alternatives when it wasnt and the items were still in stock. No one runs out of roast beef and wheat breakfast muffins and frozen shrimp. I had to cancel the order. Never again at this trash store.
Jad Omeiche: The line at the cashier and self checkout is huge!
Lee Anderson: Great place to shop for most needs u have
Davis Brian: Great
Light Vel: The black lady at the meat Dela meat section is very unprofessional. I asked to get some meat and she gave me an attitude like she didn't want to work there. If you hate your job then quit.
Jacquelyn D Johnson: Love Walmart
Tami Terry: Went to submit my Walmart employee application (paper application) and some middle age woman rolled her eyes and said that they don't accept paper applications and that the store wasn't hiring.I was told by other employees before that the store was looking for hire, especially since the store barely has anyone working in it and the workers that work there are either lazy or just plain rude. I am absolutely upset and disappointed in this store.
Shasta J.: Best time to come in is the morning. Everything is restocked and looking clean.
marbella miranda: Buen servicio

2. Restaurant Depot - Dearborn

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Restaurant Depot
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Address: 12970 Prospect St, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States

Schedule: Open until 15:00

Telephone: +1 313-582-1420

Business type: Restaurant supply store

Restaurant Depot: what do users think?
A A: Arrived for 6am appointment to deliver left 10:30am they don’t care about your time. The reviews are true.
N R: Nice collection, more space to move around
Detroiter Girl: Best place for bulk purchase!
Aida Rams: Zero stars or even negative. Drivers stop delivering to this place otherwise your day and time will be ruined . They schedule app but that will not be applied when You come because their corporate trucks will show up and your offloading will be terminated and they will start working on their trucks. So assume other good reviews were written by the corporate office truck drivers since they have priority. Let them do why to hire people from outside and get all the negative and all the excuses,. Stop delivering and they start feeling the pain
Joe M: What an absolutely sickening dump of an establishment. There is trash all over the parking lot and I just watched an employee dispose of his liquor that he’s drinking at work in the car, on the lawn. The inside is equally disgusting. How is this place still in business and legally able to sell food with facilities like this? There are rats too. Don’t even get started about the management and customer service. Laughable. Has to be one of the most pathetic places in America. Go anywhere else
AK 22: The worst customer serviced
FAHIM: Asked Ms Dominique is her register open once, she responded very rudely saying stop asking her 10 times if her register is open, can’t you see with your eyes n word . She’s always very rude and nasty behavior. This lady making me not want to shop here for my company anymore.
Xiaodong Zheng: No one ever answers the phone at the front desk,
Jerry B: No frill wholesale warehouse. The cashier was friendly.
Ramiz Aleskerov: Fast 45 min unloading
Ajitpal Singh: Rude and slowwww. Been here for 3 hours. It’s 2:20. Appointment was at 12. Nobody listens, lady in the office has attitude issue. Never recommend, think before you come here.
Youtube Wook of Wallstreet: Doesn't take ebt...
D O: Best thing I ever did was to stop delivering at this place. Not a single manager cares about the drivers time. They act like they do but actions speak louder than words. Not to mention after I was told that it's ok for me to leave 2 times the store manager walked back onto my trailer as I started pulling out. Super dangerous.
Joe Russo: Back door Recieving awesome ! The gal running the Recieving was very helpful and organized!
Abdullah Dabol: Awful customer service and the management is very unprofessional and rude. Would not recommend. Just make your way to the Troy location!
Will Lawhorn: They were quick to unload and the staff was friendly my appointment was for 1000 I arrived at 0800 and was done by 1045. I've been to several Restaurant Depots in Ohio and Michigan and they have all been pretty easy to deliver.
Tahani soudani: Worst staff ever. We were there yesterday and the manager of the seafood section was very rude. He scared my kids and made them cry . He was disrespectful to us and I was about to call the cops on him.
Aziz Qazi: Worst place to deliver .... I got here 15 mins before my appointment time ...yes sure they give me a dock I had only 4 pallets vegetables.... They started receiving other dock ... Two hours passed by I went inside to ask what's happening I have next appointment to Ypsilanti store ...The lady on receiving very rude looks like she works for free ....she acts can't handle this job ... Why she is even there ...?She told me I don't care u have other appointment I have to receive coprate truck first ...I nicely said I have four pallets only ...she said she don't have place and ordered me to out of here ..anyways after broker sending email she said her only one dock is working and we will get to him shortly...what a lie ... Anyways long story short about 5 hours after I was received.... So keep in mind coming hereOr if the management reading this .... Why would you make appointment time when u can't receive and make drivers wait this long ...why would she say she don't care about appointment time or if I have next stops ....???And please tell the lady to fix her attitude or put someone else in receiving
Nafez Jadallah: Love that they have everything you need in order to open up your own restaurant. Another great thing is the price, when the price is right than a great profit can be made.
Amery Wang: They try to mix high and low price meat together and if u choose the wrong one they will not let u return .
BirdofRed: Restaurant supplies and food galore!Not always the best prices though.Good variety of Halal meat.

3. Walmart Supercenter - Southgate

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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 14900 Dix Toledo Rd, Southgate, MI 48195, United States

Schedule: Open until 23:00

Telephone: +1 734-286-9594

Business type: Grocery store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
James Brittain: Still my least favorite place to shop in person. Terrible parking at this location.
Brenda Nuñez: Been trying to get ahold of the bakery department for 15 minutes, the phone keeps ringing but no one picks up.
Venetta Mayberry: Great place to shop
Allan Richardson: They Always Have Such A Clean Toy Section The Isles Are Always Clean And Can Find What I'm Looking For.! NICE TREASURE HUNT FOUND Because of The Orderly Nice .!
Sara Baksa: It's a Walmart but it's clean and the staff are friendly. Still the nicest around downriver.
TakingControlOf YourReality: Holy hell not sure what happened to this place. Palates everywhere but nobody stocking. This used to be a nice Walmart but it has a seedier vibe now :(
Aaron Dietrich: They need to upgrade systems at check out for Apple Pay. I forgot my wallet and employee said sorry can’t help you. As I was getting ready to leave I asked if I could order my items online and or pay and he could of told me I can scan the items and pay for it via Walmart app.
Mark stanow: Only 2 cashiers
Johannu Richardson: Gotta love Wally World 🙂🙃
Cindy Ramsey: They need to stock the store better .never Enough cashiers. Always have to wait at least half hour to check out.
Sam Harding: Went shopping got everything we needed
Jayson Yoskovich: Not a bad Walmart 👍
Dearmumsie: Went to get bananas and a few other things. I found everything I needed. Wait too long for check out. I really love Walmart. Always find bargains.
Barbara Ostrowski: Excellent customer service. Had everything I was looking for.
Jimmie Rodriquez: Nice Stire To Shop
Scott Varga: Great place friendly staff and shelves are always stocked
Carla Wilson: I love this Walmart
Sarah M: WORST grocery pickup service imaginable. I can’t even count how many times my order has been “delayed” two hours and every time you go for pick up all 13 spots are full and it takes 45+ mins to get your groceries. Very poorly managed department, clearly.
R W: The experience was not that great. I cannot pick up my items when no one answers the phone. However, I give 4 stars because they are only one person, they were busy and can only do so much, and a Walmart customer service person I phoned helped me.
Diane Brown: Just went in for a few items got more than i anticipated. And had to put a few items back didn't have enough. Price of food is high" if a person didn't know how to budget these prices sure will teach you how to for sure."
Jason Kennon: Walmart never disappoints. People creature watching at its finest.

4. Walmart Supercenter - Warren

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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 29176 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48093, United States

Schedule: Open until 23:00

Telephone: +1 586-467-0258

Business type: Grocery store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Jmo-Audio-Video Customized Installations: Making it right.
Pauly G: I try to avoid if possible. Parking lot always looks like to garbage trucks collided. Made the mistake of getting some delicatessen sliced because prepackaged was bone dry. Interaction was less then pleasant. Self checkout is always speedy, just prefer other locations.
WaheedahA Lewis: Great service atService center. I was in and out.
Carlos Cash Camero: This Walmart is pretty good they have everything I need at this location
jackee J: Customer service is terrible
Gwen Thomas: Lines too long.
Shordee Kelly: I have absolutely no complaints. The store was clean, well stocked & I received service with 😁.
Ryan MacLeod: Most workers have good attitudes for Walmart employees. The other door was closed and lady had an attitude about it, but other than that good Walmart.
David Farkas: Very clean
LaBarbara Alford-Johnson: Excellent!
Ada Pena: Always a great shopping experience.
Teishana Thomas: The store was clean and the service was fast
Mohammed kawsar ahmed: Very good
Amanda Rose: Parking lot is terrible, but lines move quickly. Selection is not always great.
Jw Delivery's: Don’t plz any of the 5 star reviews, today there was a lady standing by self check rating her own store for people on the monitor in self check. Giving the store all 5 stars without the customers doing it. The is unprofessional and they should customers to give the own rating for the experience mines was horrible and they should close this store like it was in the first place.
Aris Styles: Worst store I ever been in. Employees are rude and do not know where anything is. The managers are lazy don’t want to make employees do their job and the store is in complete shambles everything is misplaced
cheryl clark: Never again.
Toni Johnson: One-stop shopping enough said
April McCain: Great customer service
Carl Sutton: Haven't been to Walmart in years. I was really impressed by the neatness and organization of the store.Besides, you had in stock DVD Champions.I couldn't get it at Best Buy, or at two Targets.It was released last Tuesday. You win me.
Mohamad Almasri: Very clean and nice store!

5. Walmart Supercenter - Roseville

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6749 reviews
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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 28804 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI 48066, United States

Schedule: Open until 23:00

Telephone: +1 586-777-0221

Business type: Grocery store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Twila Willis: I like shopping at Walmart but checking and bagging your own groceries suck! Early mornings is only self check and I hate it!
Anne Emmous: Very ill-mannered employee. Kim Atronowski. Sarcastic & rude. I won't shop at this location because of her.
Drink Water: Terrible customer service, just a bunch of kids with no work ethic. Tried to pick up something from the online order department, and it's just kids laughing and having a good time. While I stand there, looking awkward. Then she tells me my order has been canceled ONLY for somebody else to find my order.
LM Cox: Bought stuff and left...worked like it was supposed to...
cheryl clark: Only 2 cashier's. Associates on the floor never want to help.
Christopher Wight: Exchanged my Online Purchased Cell phone that would not Work with Ease😎👍
Kim: The greater agitated a disagreement with 2 customers A fight almost broke out SHE should stay in HER GREETER Lane And NOT interfere with customers using self check out unless asked by a customer Pitiful Sunday May 212023 around 2:00pm ish
Desicrated: You will typically have a bad experience here starting with just making it to the building. First you need to dodge cars that seemingly want to kill you in the parking lot.Then finding the items you need can be a task since many times the place is in shambles.I would just avoid any of the Walmarts in this area if you can.
nikki r: This is absolutely the worst walmart ,I'm surprised it's still open.
Kk williams: Love the fact that the employees there are nice and very helpful. I would recommend going to this location they always seem to have what we need. Though the only complaint is that they need to get more carts and clean out the carts I an tired of taking out other people's trash it is gross. Other than that it is a great store to shop at and the staff is very helpful.
Michael Retzler: Awesome 👍
Betty Airoldi: Hay de todo y a muy buenos precios
Amber Strong: Pick up was quick!
chayo duran: Un poco de desorden en los anaqueles en general
NYKITA Campbell: Always crowded, however I did not spend a long time in line this time. My cashier was absolutely awesome. It was hard to shop though. The computers were in the aisle with the kids clothes and under wear. I had to find an opening to get from one part of the store to another. Too much and it was a lot of playing and guys were cleaning the floors all while people were shopping. I guess this is why this Walmart is referred to the ghetto Walmart .
Frankie Garcia II: Never enough staff available....waited over 20mins. for some one to come to the camping area to buy a 2023 Michigan Fishing license. No one showed up after being paged 3x.....We walked out...
Netta Goss: Found what I needed quick and I love the self checkout.
Lawrence Allen: Never crowded
Roxane Hessler: So sick of people parking in the pick up spots and leaving there car to shop when people are trying to do a pick up and there's no spots open. The police be parked right there and letting it happen smfh
Schela Devroy: Always at a stat and always dirty

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