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1. Feet on the Street Tours - Detroit

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Feet on the Street Tours
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Address: Dinan Building, 1400 E Fisher Service Dr, Detroit, MI 48207, United States

Telephone: +1 313-393-2055

Business type: Tour agency

Feet on the Street Tours: what do users think?
Judy M: I spent a fabulous day & 1/2 touring Detroit with Becky. We started with the murals near the Eastern Market and concluded with a fantastic Lebanese brunch in Dearborn. Others in my small group went on to tour downtown Detroit and the Canal District.Becky’s passion for Detroit is evident. She thoughtfully combined our interests with contacts that she has to really round out our experiences by sharing stories about Detroit's music and food culture. Without Becky’s insights I would not have been able to see as much of what makes Detroit such a vibrant city. I could not have asked for a better guide and I am looking forward to a return visit!
Jodie Kennedy: I did this tour with a couple of friends on a cold Saturday in November. Linda, our guide did a great job explaining about the history, neighborhood and businesses. She was cognizant of the cold and we were in and out of buildings often to stay warm. There was plenty of food and great food too! It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!
Franciska Richardson: Fun tour, great food, fabulous guide ;)
Matt Bartzi: My wife and I got the VIP drink tickets for an extra $20 a ticket. We got a pit of beer at a pizza place and a dessert cocktail at the last place. Great toor just not worth the drink ticket price.
Cohen Kaufman: Went with my high school reunion attendees on a Detroit tour. It was fun and interesting. Linda is knowledgeable, very funny, and gives a balanced and thoughtful perspective to the Detroit of yesterday and today.
Brogan Partners: What an awesome experience! We took a large client group on the "Come Hungry, Leave Full" walking tour - and it did not disappoint. Linda was great in all aspects. Easy to get a hold of, had great suggestions and ideas, and was very helpful in planning. The day of the tour, she and her team were awesome. They showed up on time, had everything detailed and ready. And man - we definitely left full. Highly recommend this company and this tour.

2. Detroit Experience Factory - Detroit

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Detroit Experience Factory
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Address: 440 Burroughs St #332, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

Schedule: Open until 17:00

Telephone: +1 313-962-4590

Business type: Tour operator

3. Backseat Detroit Tours - Detroit

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Backseat Detroit Tours
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Address: 100 Renaissance Center Ste. 10114-0501, Detroit, MI 48243, United States

Telephone: +1 313-731-2727

Business type: Tour operator

4. Preservation Detroit - Detroit

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Preservation Detroit
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Address: 8801 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

Schedule: Open until 16:30

Telephone: +1 313-284-9278

Business type: Tour operator

Preservation Detroit: what do users think?
Kelvin Furuta: We brought some friends into town and wanted them get a bit of Detroit history. Signed up for a private walking tour with Ken and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. We learned so much about the city, its architecture, and its roots. Ken was an extremely knowledgeable guide and his passion and wit made it all the more enjoyable. Would highly recommend this 2.5 hour walk to newcomers and Detroit natives alike.
Fran Neale: We went on a private tour and had a great informative tour. The guide really catered to us and showed us some places that weren't on the usual tour. We'll be back this summer to take another tour!
Ron Parent: Dave from Preservation Detroit led five of us on an excellent guided downtown tour focused on the history/architecture of this fascinating and amazing city. We all saw and learned a lot, and would highly recommend this tour and Preservation Detroit's commitment to their fine city. We would gladly do a different tour next time we are back.
Marketing Admin: Fantastic tour of Mt. Elliott Cemetery! Our tour guide Tom was so knowledgeable and interesting, and I learned a lot about Detroit history. We'll definitely be doing more tours in the future.
Thomas Krueger: We did the Mid-Town tour and loved it! Very knowledgeable tour guide. We'll be back for another tour soon.
Natalie Fiato: Scheduled a private walking tour for a weekend trip to Detroit. Our guide, Ken, was extremely knowledgeable and excited to share the city’s history and many interesting stories with us. We had a wonderful time exploring many buildings, neighborhoods, and time periods over the two hours or so. Would highly recommend if you have an interest in architecture—Detroit’s remarkable downtown cityscape is worth it!
Jan Savelle: I've lived in Michigan for over 20 years and found the tour informative and interesting. I went on the tour with my daughter, and it was her suggestion to go. I thought I knew most of Detroit history, but I learned more than a few things on the Downtown Tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and clearly loves the city. The range of architecture seen on the tour is wonderful. I would think that a visitor to the city couldn't have a better introduction, and longtime Michigan residents will surely find that they learn something as well. The over two hour tour goes by very quickly.
Tom Mull: Just took the 2019 Theater Tour and it was great! The guides had a lot of knowledge, the representatives from the different theaters were great, and it was so cool to see these spaces from every angle. I'm looking forward to taking some of the other tours.
Kerry P: Whether you're new to Detroit, lived here your whole life, or just visiting the tours are great for everyone. Highly recommended, worth every penny!
Annalisa Sokol: I HIGHLY recommend this walking tour as it is a wonderful way to learn about Detroit and its history. As a native of Detroit, I was surprised to learn so much more about the city where I was born and raised. Our guide was excellent and pointed out so many interesting details along the way. I encourage both residents and those visiting to take this guided tour, support the Preservation Society and enjoy a great way to see the city.
Pamela DeVe: Great information tour. BeUtiful architecture
helen zarovska: Absolutely wonderful walking tour! Ken and Scott were great tour guides full of interesting information from the history of Detroit all the way to present day Detroit. My husband and I live in the suburbs and this tour was a gift from our son (I didn't think I could walk that much but it was very enjoyable). This tour is a great way to see all the positive things that are happening to our city, very enlightening, very exciting!

5. Let's See Detroit Tours - Detroit

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Let's See Detroit Tours
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Address: 535 Griswold St suite 111-228, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

Telephone: +1 313-268-4415

Business type: Tour agency

Let's See Detroit Tours: what do users think?
Rob Russell: Can I give six stars? Seven, maybe?Starting from a Middle-eastern bakery in Dearborn for some fuel for the day, John Paul absolutely floored us with his friendliness, and knowledge. Not just straight-up history, but lore as well.We learned about the creation of Detroit going back to the 17th century. We learned what's in store for it coming up. We visited Motown (NOT what I expected!) and I think just about everything related to Henry Ford.From architecture to food... Neighborhoods... Personalities... Landmarks... All presented with charm and humor.I have NO idea how he keeps all this in his brain. This man is a local treasure.The crazy thing is, after about 7 hours we didn't even get HALF of what he offers. I'm already trying to figure out when to go again.
Ryan DeCook: The best tour guide I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for showing my family around Detroit John Paul!Go with this guy. You absolutely will not be disappointed.
Peggy McLeod: We had a wonderful tour of Detroit again! JP is so knowledgeable. We will definitely tour again wi JP!
Kramer Trombley: We had such a great time! we chose this tour because of the great reviews, but they don’t do it justice. JP is a wealth of knowledge, and his love for the city of Detroit is contagious.
Mercedes C: The best experience I could have in Detroit: was to book my tour with JP!! I came with my husband but he has to work, so I was by myself, and I had the fortune to contact JP, that since the first moment he was very kind and accesible with my hours and my English, he always made me understood everything he was showing me!! So besides feeling me comfort, safe and he has a lot of knowledge about his City, he exceeded my expectations! Beacuse he took me the places I wanted but even more (Fisher building, Belle Island, campus Martius, Detroit Institute of Arts, etc...) with valuable information and the best: he has fair rate, because was a private tour of 2 days, and was more affordable than other of just 3 hours and in group, so JP is the best guide tour, and I travel a lot, I can say the best tour ever!!
Richard Shanahan: What an incredible informative and fascinating tour of Detroit! JP is a native treasure to this city. My wife an I absolutely loved every aspect of the tour. There is so much history and architecture along with stories and anecdotes shared along the tour. JP is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the city and all things Detroit. I would highly recommend this tour company. Didn’t think about it before but I would definitely one back here. So much to see and do! Thank you JP!!!
Judith Herr: JP is a WONDERFUL tour guide. He is so very knowledgeable about all things Detroit. He picked us up at our rented Air B&B then spent many hours driving us around the city, stopping for a tasty Coney Island hot dog for lunch. We saw Detroit's beautiful architecture and varied neighborhoods as well as the more famous landmarks in this vibrant and interesting city. Then he delivered us safely back 'home.' It was an interesting, educational and very fun day. Thank you, JP.
Carla Johnson: My friend and I were hosted by JP on a six hour tour of Detroit on Sunday 10/16/22. JR drove. We told JP our interests and he shaped our itinerary accordingly. He picked us up at our Airbnb. JP shared the history, architecture, and great, amusing stories about Detroit's people. I grew up in Detroit, but hadn't returned in fifty years. I was skeptical and leery about Detroit after hearing all the horror stories. I came away enthralled and impressed. JP's Detroit is fascinating, thriving, resilient, beautiful, and diverse. Detroit has undergone a Renaissance and epitomizes American ingenuity and resilience. I am a world traveler, in my 70's. I honestly think JP's tour was the best I have ever experienced, and fun.
Melody Zanotti: Thank you John-Paul for the excellent guided tour. Hearing about the city from someone born and raised there is the only way to see it. Our tour was very unique to us and JP was very accommodating and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend to others.
Robert Hodgson: For a long time now, I have read about and seen in photos the decline, and resurrection of Detroit..... and been curious. With the opportunity to visit a week ago, I determined that I wanted to learn and see firsthand from an good guide. Via the internet 'Let's See Detroit' spoke to me as just such an authority.Little did I know, upon sign-up, to just what extent I had found that such a tremendous authority with native son John Paul Stando. His in-depth knowledge of Detroit may be only surpassed by his passion and fortitude!!From the backstreets homes of Motown's greatest on the Outer Drive , to the bastions of automotive history, to the Arts and Antiquity, to the incredible edifices of deco industrial yesteryear, to the renaissance of downtown and so much more, John Paul, far and away, exceeded my expectations!John Paul will tailor your visit to that which interests you most, or will give you a wide perspective. For my visit we spent 9 exhilarating hours together, and I was spellbound.
Joshua Fleetwood: THE LITERALLY BEST TOUR YOU WILL EVER GO ON. THIS GUY HAS LIKE A NEAR PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, You walk through downtown, You walk in restaurants, you walk in historic establishments, You get a thorough understanding of Midtown in the Driving portion of the tour. THis GUY Will Just keep going and going and going. HE will go on for 6 hours if you let him. HE HAS A PASSION THAT IS NONSTOP. HE TRULY TRULY TRULY TRULY TRULY LOVES WHAT HE is doing. Towards the end of our tour I asked him "Sir aren't you tired". His response was "I can't wait to give another tour". AMAZING.
Ellen Schulmeister: My husband and I went on a tour with John and it was amazing. He is the best tour guide and knows so much about the history and potential future of Detroit. Detroit is a marvelous place, filled with history, growth and energy. John Paul knows it all and knows the secret places to enjoy. Thanks John Paul!!!!
Larry Swanson: Fantastic tour, went in the fall of 2021, had a very fabulous time. John Paul the tour guide, extremely knowledgeable of the Detroit environs absolutely made this one of the best tours we've ever taken. Suggest anyone that's in the Detroit area for a visit, or even live there, try this tour.
Craig Fear: What a fantastic tour by John-Paul. My father and I did a private tour with him and we were astounded at his knowledge of all things Detroit. Seriously, I can't imagine anyone with a more in-depth knowledge. He can tell you all about the history of Detroit, the arts, architecture, automobile industry, sports teams, music history, and so on. It's quite astounding. The best part is that he's flexible to your schedule and interests. You can go for one hour or five hours. And his love and enthusiasm for Detroit comes through. This is one of the best city tours I've ever done. HIGHLY recommended!
Eric Munoz: Outstanding! JP loves Detroit and this makes his tour a unique and extraordinary experience. His knowledge of Detroit is encyclopedic and shared generously from the very first minute. Highly recommended!
Stacey Assell: What a wonderful tour!!!! JP is SOOOOO knowledgeable about Detroit and does everything in his power to tailor it to your group. I can't wait to go on another one!
Christine Meuris: I was visiting my daughter in Ann Arbor and we decided to do a day trip with John Paul to Detroit. He is such a nice guy! Great raconteur, but also a great conversationalist. Deeply knowledgeable about Detroit in so many different ways! Basically, after spending a really entertaining day with him, I came to wish he were my cool, funny, sweet, smart Uncle JP! Alas.
Linda Lewis: Do yourself a favor and book JP for a Detroit tour. Everything about JP and the tour is top notch. Even if you think you know Detroit JP will show you more treasures you never knew about that make up the city. I've been on two of his tours with friends. They loved it and I'll be back for more.JP's enthusiasm and knowledgeare unsurpassed.Linda LewisAnn Arbor
Artem Ermochenko: We were in Detroit for a few days in a first time. And John-Paul made us on this trip very impressive and excited! Will definitely plan our trip again - the city looks good and very live. Thanks to him we were able to see it from different angles and get some facts that were really interesting.Very communicative, great price policy for a valuable excursion. High-knowledgeable professional with lot of experience. Highly recommend!
Matthew Barera: This dude is the man!!!!
Simo Mohame: Hello everyone, today I was in Detroit for business trip and I decide to see visit and downtown and other places it’s beautiful city and let see Detroit service make my experience even better very professional, they have acknowledge of every place you wanna go or visit , I highly recommend them very nice people Jhon -Paul you are amazing and thank you again for the ride and the stop the cookies wore amazing and thanks also for the ride to the airport I really appreciate it .

6. Black Scroll Network & Tours - Detroit

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Black Scroll Network & Tours
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Address: 14161 Penrod St, Detroit, MI 48223, United States

Schedule: Open until 18:00

Telephone: +1 313-983-9216

Business type: Tour operator

Black Scroll Network & Tours: what do users think?
Tia Marie Sanders: The treasured meaning of this tour was outstanding. Mr. JORDAN take visitors on a journey of truth, and reconciliation. This is exactly what your family needed and you did not know it. Thank you Mr Jordan for the gift of freedom available inside history and knowledge.
Thomas MacLeod: They know what's up
Sheila Kimbrough: I didn't get the information on any events, Jamar I guess you didn't have my telephone# to send me the links. You said you were going to be on the northwest side this week. I will inbox you on FB or messenger.
Imara Hyman: There are no better tours to learn the history of Detroit and the role Blacks played in its growth, development and fame.
Delores M-Clark: Never received a call or text messages helping me about their service.
Nzingha Masani-Manuel: Positive:Professionalism
Yolande Boatwright: Historian Jamon Jordan has yours that give you a look into Detroit's rich African American History, from the underground railroad to now.
Donna Graham: I always learn a ton when I go on these tours. Mr. Jordan is very good at what he does.
Jonathan Parrish: Hogh quality info, be prepared to be uncomfortable with the unknown
Nadia Alexis: Absolutely stellar tour! If visiting Detroit, you must include this on your itinerary. Jamon Jordan is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and passionate about what he does. You will leave with a deeper understanding of Detroit history, with a particular focus on the stories of Black folks who have lived and still live here. What a wonderful treat!
Herb Read: You will not regret the time spent on this tour. Pay for the tour, and then tip him heavily, because the history he provides is priceless.
Maggie Oates: I travel pretty frequently, & this was the best tour I've ever been on hands down. The guide is incredibly knowledgeable & is an amazing storyteller. I've never seen so many rapt faces on a history tour. Covers material beyond a basic timeline of Detroit & focuses on the amazing stories of undervalued communities.Note that this is not a physical location- book online or by phone!

7. Seven Point Two Tours - Detroit

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Seven Point Two Tours
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Address: 1442 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

Telephone: +1 313-643-3779

Business type: Tour operator

Seven Point Two Tours: what do users think?
Patricia Ascenzo: In August 2018 we went on the free walking tour of downtown Detroit w/Calvin as part of a bachelorette weekend. It was fantastic! Calvin was a knowledgeable & entertaining guide. I can't wait to go on another one of his tours!!!

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