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1. Kd Morrell Equine Services - Oak Park

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Kd Morrell Equine Services
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Address: 23540 Wildwood St, Detroit, MI 48237

Telephone: (248) 967-3285

Business type: Horse riding school

2. Rushlow's Arabian Farms - Huron Township

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Rushlow's Arabian Farms
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Address: 29242 Bredow Ave, Romulus, MI 48174

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (734) 782-1171

Business type: Horse riding school

Rushlow's Arabian Farms: what do users think?
Laura J Crutchfield: Great place, nice, clean and gentle horses. I would bring my kids on the weekends to feed the horses and the staff was so sweet about it.
Jill Alexander: Wanted to take lessons for my birthday and nobody never called me back 😒.
Essa Badereldean: LOVED IT. Very professional and excellent customer service. Alot of knowledge. Worth every penny. Thank you guys
Chanel Kowalski: Amazing ! I have been riding here for around 7 months , since july , and i love it ! The workers are very kind and are more than welcome to help you with anything , my trainer is jolee ( idk if i spelled it right ) and the camps are helpful with learning about the horse and how to take care of them , all the horses have a great attitude and are filled with fun personalities , the horses are trained right , and the barn is just amazing overall { coming from a 12 year old lol }
Laurie Hayes: We stopped by thinking we could visit the horses, without calling ahead of time. The place was clean. Staff very friendly. We walked the property looking at all the horses! Kids definitely want to take riding lessons! Pictures posted already
chris sparks: Great stable!!Wonderful lessons,friendly staff!
Christopher W: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Amanda Coolsaet: Very knowledgeable and professional.
Shelby Martin: Our daughter loves riding "her horse", Keebler. It has given her something to look forward to during this weird time in our lives.
Donna Ficaj: Today was our first visit to Rushlows what a fantastic time for my children. Very caring staff and facilities was immaculate..
Liz Chrispen: I just love them, they do so well with both my kids! Would highly recommend!!
Lauren Tokash: I may be biased but I am not lying. Wonderful staff, superior care, well maintained facility. You can rest easy knowing that your horse will always be properly taken care of (always fed, a nice clean and cozy stall, etc). You can also rest easy knowing that you and/or your child’s safety is the #1 priority when taking a lesson. Family friendly atmosphere. Would keep horses here even if I moved across the country. So grateful for this place.
Stephanie Meyer: My 14 year olds had a great time. There was a grey cat that kept me company. He was the sweetest! I'd go back :-)
Golda Szydlowski: We loved it! Instructors are great.
Toni Douglas: Great place for riding lessons. I was so nervous but the ladies made me feel comfortable and Im so happy I did it.
kylie mullen: All I got to say is its amazing
Drina Bina: Positive:Communication
Carrie H: ****** UPDATE!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!! ******I originally gave this review 2 stars. However, I had to go back & change it to 5 stars. After I posted this same review on their company facebook page, I was contacted by the owner whom went out of their way to ensure that that they made everything right. It turns out, that my initial feelings about Rushlows Arabian Farms was correct! THEY'RE AMAZING. We started going to lessons consistently in July with Jolie. SHE"S EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN the entire farm! The amount of determination, hard work & dedication that my 8 year old daughter has acquired from working so closely with Jolie astounds me & makes my entire heart happy. We've taken the end of Jan & month of Feb off & will be returning in March, let me tell you, I miss it just as much as my daughter & I'm not even the one riding!!! I can't give this stable enough praise to do it the right amount of justice that it deserves & giving them the chance to make things right was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made!!! Thank you for all that you do Jolie & Rushlows Arabian Farms!!!My daughter has a lesson in May & I promptly left an amazing review as her instructor was beyond knowledgeable, Kind & patient. I loved the stables too! Everything looked great! I spoke with her instructor & told her I wanted to schedule a lesson for every other Sat & she said that would work out great! However, her next lesson had arrived & I didn't want to take any time away from that clients lesson so I offered to schedule it online, she seemed grateful that I didn't want to keep her & sent us on our way. Unfortunately, there were very few appointments available & none on Saturdays. (Although she told me she had all Saturdays open & would definitely make sure that we could set up Saturday appointments.) So I assumed it had to be a misunderstanding & I tried contacting the stable. I called, left messages & even emailed! With absolutely NO response, not even a "too bad so sad" response! I would've even been happy with that! Needless to say, both my daughter & myself are extremely disappointed. We REALLY liked your facilities & tried so hard to speak to someone for the last 2 months! And now, my daughter has gone almost 2 months without any lessons. It's a shame really, because everything else looked pristine! The professionalism & lack of communication is very disheartening & I will not be wasting anymore of my time or losing anymore of my daughters time attempting to contact a business that clearly doesn't want the business. Wish it would've went better, because I would have loved to delve deeper with my daughters lessons at Rushlows....
Rana Kasim: Amazing place , we love to take lessons here , the workers are very nice.
Sofia Karwichi: Beautiful farm and better family
Amy Mills: Beautiful farm, great teachers and trainers. Highly recommend.

3. Luton Riding Academy - Grosse Ile Township

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Luton Riding Academy
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Address: 25795 3rd St, Grosse Ile Township, MI 48138

Telephone: (734) 552-1592

Business type: Horse riding school

Luton Riding Academy: what do users think?
Charlie: I repeatedly tried to contact this company about setting up riding lessons and I have been ignored every time. I called and got a hold of someone once and they said they needed to check the schedule and never called me back. Their website does not work, when I try to book through Facebook I get an error message. When I messaged them on Facebook they left me on read and never responded. I highly do not recommend them for anything unless you like being ignored.
Detroit Chair Massage: Great place! My son is 11 and absolutely loves his time here. Everyone is so kind and patient. He has learned so much in such a short time riding with Luton and their team.
Darin Johns: Very nice people great place for kids to learn how to ride a horse
Penny Lucia: 👍 10 year old Granddaughter Loves her werkly lessons
Marty Bertera: Positive:Professionalism
Shrita Reynolds: My girls had a great time
Alana: they are really mean to the horses there so i wouldn’t recommend going there
Saad Bhatti: I came here today with my wife for riding lessons and had a wonderful experience. All of the staff members were extremely pleasant helpfull and kind. They are all very knowledgeable and and did a great job explaining everything we needed to know from proper grooming of horses to safety and control techniques when riding to make everyone feel comfortable even if it is your first time. I'll be recommending this place to all my friends and family and will definitely be coming back.
Margot McCormack: After a frightening experience with a horse in my childhood and being a senior now I wanted to overcome my feelings and had my 1st riding lesson yesterday. Rob and his staff are great, I think we all had fun and I am looking forward to the 2nd lesson.

4. Ironstone Stables - Tecumseh

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Address: 6925 Concession Rd 12, Maidstone, ON N0R 1K0, Canada

Telephone: +1 519-737-7376

Business type: Horse riding school

Ironstone Stables: what do users think?
Cali LeBlanc: Very unorganized with emails and phone numbers
Bella King: This stable is the best stable I've ever been to. I got to do a lot more in the hour that I was riding, the arenas are huge and the trainers are nice and tell you what you need to work on and how to do it.The trainers are very clear of what you need to do. This stable I recommend going to. Also the school horses are very laid back and smart. I hope a lot more people go to ironstone stables they definitely deserve there customers.
Mark Jackson: love it

5. Windermere Equestrian Center, Inc. - Clinton Township

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60 reviews
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Windermere Equestrian Center, Inc.
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Address: 20615 Dunham Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48038

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (586) 465-2170

Business type: Horse riding school

Windermere Equestrian Center, Inc.: what do users think?
Reem Dabish: We have been coming here for over five years for riding lessons. The instructors are the best around and they are building a new structure. I highly recommend.
Jason Putnam: Doing an addition to their place. Check them out it's a beautiful place.
Andy Romano: My girls had a great time with thier Girl Scout troop. Learned a lot.
James Hunter: No call nack
Erica Bretz: My daughter began riding at Windermere through their Pony Pals program when she was 5 and also took private lessons before she had the opportunity to ride a privately owned pony at another barn for a few years. After 3 years, we decided to return to Windermere because of the friendly atmosphere, the large schooling program, the quality of instruction, the opportunity to show, and the ability to participate around the farm and to get to know the staff and clients.This is a real working farm, it’s not “fancy”, yet the horses are well cared for and much loved. The staff work hard every day to make lessons, training, shows, and more happen for their clients. The instructors teach with a mindset of safety first, and that to be a good rider, you must also work on the ground as well as mounted. They will encourage you and give praise when they see progress, help you understand what you’re doing incorrectly, and don’t let students engage in dangerous behavior.We are so happy that we made the decision to return to Windermere over a year ago, and my young rider has made a lot of progress and many friends. She loves going to the barn, and so do her Dad and I. Thank you Jen and the rest of the Windermere team for all your efforts to make equestrian sports fun and safe!
Justin Johnson: Super clean. Everyone is super nice. Would recommend anyone to ride here.
dominic Prantera: Stephenie and jen. Are great. And you to sabrina. Thanks for all your help.
Veronica Todd: I love horses and my trainer is amazing and She is very patient. Thank you so much for the best experience . I came in here because I heard its good therapy. 💯 True. And it helped me in other areas as well. Thank you so much for having me. And will keep training to improve. ❤️
Fiona Rumi: Hi I have never been here before but I want to know if it is a one time place for riding and if so how much is it per person or hour?
Don Torchia: I took my Granddaughter here for lessons and was impressed! Emma was her instructor, she was very attentive and engaged! The grounds are nice, the attitude is friendly and welcoming. Look forward to coming back!!
Izzy Wild: been there for a long time love the people there and it's a great and comfortable environment
Keith victory: My daughter has been going to this place for 3 years . Never had a problem till this year staff was very rude. The instructor who was teaching the girls to ride nice . As for others will just say a helper that probably shouldn’t be with people let alone animals . Wow all I can say . My money will be going for private lessons else where which makes me sad .just Sad like if u don’t like your job don’t work there . This is r money keeping u open . I did get a phone call and I’ll say talking to that lady , very nice . So just hope they cut out all the yuck in there with bad attitudes . Your working with kids . Chill. But thank u for the call back and making me feel better . U guys r great. Thank u 👍🏻
Brandon Davey: The environment is fair. Prices are reasonable, staff are great, if you're taking classes. Definitely a budget friendly place for you and your horse/s.
Lauren B: Windermere is a wonderful place for children and adults to learn how to ride. They make sure you learn everything the correct way and have many staff on hand. Everyone one is very friendly, you don’t have to be afraid to asks questions. I would highly recommend Windermere.
Jessica Ancira: Best place ever
Fred Kraemer: Well organized event!
Sophia Z: I highly recommend this riding center. Great horses,people, and instructors. If you want to further advance in your riding path, this is the place for you! The instructors know how to deal with anything that comes their way from scared people to scared horses! They have many programs open for anyone who wants to get involved in the horse world.
Sprinkles The Cat: I love this equestrian center! Very well organized and have great riding instructors. They have amazing horses. A great place to ride if your a beginner or an advanced rider! A very kind community of equestrians.
maria buchholtz: Both my daughters ride here! This is their happy place. They look forward to their lessons every week. They love the instructors and all their barn friends, both two-legged and 4-legged variety.
grace heuer: This place looks amazing and me and my family r planing to go there and I might start lessons even I’m 10

6. Reynolds Riding Academy - Sumpter Township

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24 reviews
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Reynolds Riding Academy
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Address: 41820 Harris Rd, Belleville, MI 48111

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (313) 408-3818

Business type: Horse riding school

Reynolds Riding Academy: what do users think?
josh mccray: No good owner let's the 14vuear old daughter run the lesson who sit on a chair and plays on her phone instead paying attention to the student won't be using this place anymore
AkitaGore: BEST experience I've ever had
Jessica Davis: It was super fun I took my 2 year old and 12 year old. It's safe to say we'll be back soon.
Grace Sova: Fun
Anony Moose: Everybody at this barn is great they are all so nice i am a rider there and work there. you can work for lessons if you can not afford them. cindy the owner she is such a sweet woman and her kids are really sweet they help alot with giving me tips on my riding. they also have a great slection of horses for you to ride. they are heplful and understanding. if you need help with anything they are great at explaning things to you and helping you get throught stuff. there is a great family experence all the trainers are fantastic and they treat you like family. I would deffenty recomend this barn to every one if i could give it 10 stars i woud.
Kevin Pallas: This is a wonderful barn to ride at. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, and lessons have been very good. Their horses are very well cared for here.
Ally Morris: This place is amazing the horses are amazing and so are the people i would totally Recommend
Branden Vinson: Great!!!!!!!!! Farm to ride at my girlfriend and I did a trail ride while daughter takes lessons every week it’s the highlight of her week she counts down the days Lydia and Cindy are excellent she has learned so much firm but so knowledgeable and patient and understanding and great teachers we had a few choices very happy we went with Cindy didn’t even try other places was pleased and my girlfriend and I enjoyed our private ride I suggest if your interested in riding or learning to ride I recommend them to anyone there local down to earth feel like friends an comfortable there she has learned so much an I would not go anywhere but here period I hope you enjoy it as much as we do every week Thank You Cindy and Lydia for the awesome work you do for Sofia she loves Saturday’s a smile on her face is a smile on mine so thank you
Mikayla Greene: I love that they have a camp for where riders there get to learn to bath horses and clean stalls.
Kurtis Adum: Great place, nice and friendly, highly reccomend

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