Best Shuffle Schools In Detroit Near Me

Detroit Community Schools Cass Technical High School Detroit Achievement Academy Harms Elementary School Dove Academy of Detroit Brenda Scott Academy Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School Renaissance High School Detroit Cristo Rey High School Academy of the Americas High School Munger Middle School Detroit Prep

1. Detroit Waldorf School - Detroit

路 6 reviews

2555 Burns St, Detroit, MI 48214

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2. Detroit Community Schools - Detroit



路 30 reviews

12675 Burt Rd, Detroit, MI 48223

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3. Cass Technical High School - Detroit

路 84 reviews

2501 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

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Cass Technical High School: what do users think?
Gabrielle W: I just graduated this year. There are certain ups and downs to worry about like Senior-itis and the amount of work expected of you. There are plenty of clubs to go into, like Video Game Club, Japanese Club, Korean Culture Club, and other serious groups. And despite what everyone thinks JROTC is not very hard and isn't all about marches. Everything depends on your own attitude, time management, and of course the right teacher.
Nariel Rowe: I will be attending Cass Tech in September if 2018 ! I can鈥檛 wait for my future馃槢
Baby Rei: Since 5th grade I wanted to go here I heard there is a lot homework but I鈥檓 okay with that I have 2 years to 9th grade I hope I get accepted
Inspir: I love this school!!!
alicia bell: This school is a joke!!
Vita Miller: Graduated in 1960: had an excellent education and wonderful experience.
Jessica McClinton: Great school
Terrance Henderson: Very good high school
Rose Lidya Lynch: Yes people do argue if its a good school or not. What they don't understand is not just Cass Tech but it can be all schools. Cass Tech did have a few ups and downs along the way but they had handle it like a pro and now its advance, have more opportunities and education there is great. I'm in my sophomore year here and I'm really happy that I made it so far and cannot wait to graduate. In my opinion the people here are very sweet and the teachers want you to succeed no matter what. I'm very happy that I made the right decision to come here.
WolfGang Gold: The school is great, the teachers are great and the staff is great. The clubs are great and they're a LOT of clubs to join. I am in 4 different clubs like, Japanese club, VGC, Anime club and graphic novel club. My favorite is VGC because it is a club ALL about gaming. You can bring your consoles and play them with others. Cass is also around many food and activity places also the Detroit Main Library which is a phenomenal place to visit. Overall Cass is a great school. Cass tech 2nd to none!
Maximus: I will be attending Cass Tech in September and i'm really scared about it. But it does not matter what anyone says. Cass Tech will always be #1. Besides I'm pretty sure the school can be a lot better than CMA.
Monique Grove: I'm in the the Freshman class at Cass Tech and I'm proud to be here the teachers and my fellow classmates have changed me so much since September. I cant wait to finish of my last year at Cass Tech
Robert Lawson: if you have bad grades and dont manitain a 2.5 avg gpa you qill get kicked out
Pamela Willis: Outstanding Education
stephen leonhard: I graduated from Cass Tech after summer school in August 1943 and went directly to the Army. After basic training in northern Illinois. I was interviewed by a soon- to- be- Brigadier General who was setting up a Field Hospital. He knew of Cass Tech and said I would make a good x-ray tehcnician and sent me off to school in Springfield, Mo. There for six days a week eight hours a day we studied each bone in the human anatomy down to the smallest detail as well as the chemistry and physics of the x-ray process. Exams were a weekly affair and those who didn't pass were sent to a Replacement Depot in New Jersey for reassignment somewhere in Europe. What a great incentive to study hard! Class Tech had set the standard for hard study so this was not difficult
kahuna unno: This school talks big but it is so annoying . What school gives incoming freshmen so much summer homework. Most teachers also don't give a thought about the students education or grade. It's just really annoying. Second to Access and Frontier!
Lisha Harris: I since third grade when I males out my life case tech was always in the picture.
TYK NATION: Love this school
Muhsinun Chowdhury: Great teachers, but too much homework. Lots of great clubs!
Wynn Cynn: M theory. Who'ld have thunk it...

4. Detroit Achievement Academy - Detroit

路 14 reviews

7000 Outer Dr W, Detroit, MI 48235

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5. Harms Elementary School - Detroit

路 17 reviews

2400 Central Ave, Detroit, MI 48209

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6. Dove Academy of Detroit - Detroit

路 20 reviews

20001 Wexford St, Detroit, MI 48234

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7. Brenda Scott Academy - Detroit

路 45 reviews

18440 Hoover St, Detroit, MI 48205

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8. Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School - Detroit

路 62 reviews

3200 E Lafayette St, Detroit, MI 48207

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9. Renaissance High School - Detroit

路 53 reviews

6565 Outer Dr W, Detroit, MI 48235

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10. Detroit Cristo Rey High School - Detroit

路 8 reviews

5679 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209

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11. Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School - Detroit

路 23 reviews

420 W Seven Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48203

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12. Academy of the Americas High School - Detroit

路 6 reviews

2635 Howard St, Detroit, MI 48216

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13. Munger Middle School - Detroit

路 17 reviews

5525 Martin St, Detroit, MI 48210

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14. Detroit Prep - Detroit

路 1 reviews

8411 Sylvester St, Detroit, MI 48214

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